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Nurse Practice Act

Nurse Practice Act

Code Commissioner’s note. – Acts 1993, No. 93-183, § 2, provides:”The existence and functioning of the Alabama Board of Nursing, created and functioning pursuant to Sections 34-21-1 to 34-21-63, inclusive, is continued, and those code sections are expressly preserved.”



34-21-1 Definitions.
4-21-2 Board of nursing generally.
34-21-3 Advisory councils.
34-21-3 Advisory councils.
34-21-4 Funds of board; transfer of duties, powers, etc., of board of nurses’ examiners and registration to board of nursing.
34-21-5 Nursing educational programs.
34-21-6 Exemptions.
34-21-7 Violations and penalties.
34-21-8 Payment of license and fees by personal check


34-21-40 Duty of board of nursing to provide programs, seminars and workshops
34-21-41 Grants, contracts, etc., with individuals, institutions and agencies.”
34-21-42 Plans, programs and criteria.”
34-21-43 Source of funds


34-21-20 Required generally.
34-21-21 License to practice professional nursing; use of title “registered nurse.”
34-21-22 License to practice practical nursing; use of title “licensed practical nurse.”
34-21-23 Renewal of license; continuing education.
34-21-24 Fees and charges.
34-21-25 Denial, suspension or revocation of license; administrative fines; voluntary disciplinary alternative program.
34-21-26 Practice of nursing by unlicensed persons declared public nuisance; injunctive relief..


34-21-60 Established; number.
34-21-61 Qualifications of recipients; applications.
34-21-62 Amount of scholarships; criteria for selection of recipients; renewal of scholarships; failure to complete course or service as a nurse.
34-21-63 Annual appropriation


34-21-80 Declaration of Legislature.
34-21-81 Definitions.
34-21-82 Joint Committee – Appointment, terms of office, office of chairperson, and meetings.
34-21-83 State Board of Medical Examiners to establish qualifications for physicians engaged in collaborative practice with advanced practice nurses.
34-21-84 Board of Nursing to establish qualifications for advanced practice nurses; rules and regulations establishing procedures for certification.
34-21-85 Joint Committee designated to recommend rules and regulations; requirements to engage in advanced practice nursing.
34-21-86 Prescribing legend drugs; initiating call-in prescriptions; administering legend drugs.
34-21-87 Joint Committee to recommend model practice protocols, formulary of legend drugs and certain rules and regulations.
34-21-88 Acts which constitute grounds for termination.
34-21-89 Boards permitted to initiate disciplinary actions for violations of section; requirements before action taken.
34-21-90 Requirements for engaging in practice.
34-21-91 Injunctive proceedings by boards against persons violating article.
34-21-92 Waiver of requirements until adoption of rules and regulations.
34-21-93 Construction of article with Sections 34-19-2 to 34-19-10.

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